Lost Objects by Kath Foster &

Beckoning Land by John Foster


Kath Foster, Lost Object No. 23 2006  |  John Foster, Print 2029 from 'Beckoning Land' 1975

A dual exhibition featuring images of Kath Foster’s chair works and several John Foster prints.

Lost Objects
Kath Foster

The chair and table series form part of a larger project in which Kath raises questions about how we inhabit our domestic spaces. These works asked the question, ‘is there such a thing as the essence of a chair?’.

Each one increasingly stripped away structure and eventually tended toward dematerialization.
The tables set out to balance and foil the chairs with usefulness. Each table becomes illogical for only a short time, when it is being cut up and reassembled, before being returned to the world to continue its life as a table.

Beckoning Land
John Foster

In his large-scale murals and print series John Foster investigated themes of work, the land, birth, art, society, conflict, and mortality. In the three series of prints represented in this exhibition, the subject is the land: as a site for human recreation in Picnic at the Beach; as a place for utilisation and labour in Four Seasons on the Farm; and as a natural environment in Beckoning Land.

Opening Event: 23 Feb - 4pm
All Welcome

Exhibition ends: 6 April 2023


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