Collectables Seeking New Homes - the auction that keeps on giving



Mahara Gallery’s first redevelopment project, fund-raising auction, just keeps on giving.


Not only did generous donors keep giving art works in the lead up to the 9 February auction event, but the total raised has kept edging up and now stands at almost $46,500.


“That’s a fantastic result – close to double what we expected,” says Gallery Director Janet Bayly.


“And there’s scope for the total to edge even higher. We still have people expressing interest in the small number of works not yet sold.”


The money raised will go towards redeveloping the Gallery building so that we can create a home for the Field Collection that includes 24 paintings by Frances Hodgkins.


Current auction total: $46,500


Fantastic result


– thanks to everyone involved


The project began back in August of last year with an appeal from the Gallery for unwanted art works consigned to attics, basements, lofts and even under beds. That’s why the Gallery called it Collectables Seeking New Homes.


The result was almost overwhelming - more than 160 art works that included a Peter McIntyre watercolour, a Gretchen Albrecht painting, a Shane Cotton screen print and pottery by Mirek Smisek.


More than 2,000 people visited the Gallery in the lead-up to the auction and then Gallery was packed on the night.


There are many people thank who helped made this project such a success.


Firstly, a huge thank you to the donors of the artworks, our auctioneer John Mowbray and our many generous buyers.


Secondly a big thank you to the team of volunteers led by Gordon Shroff and Jo McComish whose hard work and belief in the project was so important.


And thirdly, the Mahara Board has thanked the Gallery staff for all the extra work they did to achieve such a successful outcome.