Mahinga Kai our gardens, cultivation and food gathering
16 June - 29 July 2018


Mahinga Kai invite



Artist Ron Te Kawa worked with five classes at Kapanui School on themes in Matariki. He so inspired the students that they created enough work for two shows – the first has been up at Paraparaumu Library for two weeks already and runs until 21 June, and the second instalment is being shown at Mahara Gallery from 15 June until 8 July .


Home  Fires


Ron Te Kawa explained that in earlier times each village had a sacred fire which must never go out, especially during Matariki because it was so cold and the fire was needed more than ever.  The fire was used for protection, warmth, cooking and as a gathering point for stories, singing and shared food. Matariki was a time to have the yummiest food to comfort and sustain people throughout the winter. He also told them the story of Rangi and Papa, and that Matariki is a time to celebrate the new life generated from their separation.  The Matariki stars sent down cloaks of love, trees, and starlight to comfort Papatuanuku.


The teachers at Kapanui School who supported this project were:


Karen Burrows (acting principal)

Lynnie Gilmore (lead teacher)

Matt Wynne

Elayne Moore/Tim Wilson

Donna Higgins

Diane Richards/Caroline Lemmon


And from Mahara Gallery, Bianca Begovich and Janet Bayly

Thank you to Creative Communities Scheme Kāpiti