More than a Craze: Photographs of New Zealand's early digital games scene


Essay: Melanie Swalwell
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Melanie (added 48 weeks ago)
So where was it, Dan?
Dan Dixon (added 51 weeks ago)
I recognise the place in EP7, the one with the "suicide" champion in it. The clouds give it away. Not that I was ever a regular.
Patrick Crogan (added 53 weeks ago)
'Body English' Ilike that. can't remember what we called it but that was definitely the secret to good pinball.

Nothing like that 'pop' sound when a free game is won. a mate of mine was so good on our local pinball, we could cover the score and he would tell us what he had racked up.

Stephen Knightly (added 53 weeks ago)
Wonderful! Great to see this culture acknowledged and celebrated.

Gaming today is mainstream. 60% NZ households have a console. 55% mobile and online gamers are female. The average age is 33.

.. but it all started in places like these.

Janet (added 57 weeks ago)
Interesting interview on National Radio last night about the development of gaming in NZ and reference to some of the places and games pictured here