Mahara Gallery chosen for prestigious art embroidery exhibition




The best of the country’s artistic embroidery, exhibited at a gallery around New Zealand every two years, has gone on show at Waikanae’s Mahara Gallery.

The exhibition, Creative Embroidery, contains 37 works covering all forms of embroidery from intricate and detailed hand stitching to bold machine embroidery. 

Gallery Director Janet Bayly says Mahara Gallery is very pleased to be sought as this year’s venue for the exhibition, as textile arts draw strong audiences in the gallery.

“There are many people in New Zealand who embroider and it’s fair to say that when it comes to appreciating their work, artistic endeavor in the field has been underrated. 

“The work of these extension members redresses the balance and demonstrates clearly that embroidery can be considered as an artform expressing individuality and a range of concepts.”

The exhibition coordinator, Donna Kennedy, says all of the artists are extension members of the Association of the New Zealand Embroiderers’ Guild.

Each work in the exhibition is a development of the artists’s creative response to the theme of “communication”.

“The criteria was that the work must display this theme either in its style or subject, or both,” she said. “The artists have used their embroidery skills to extend their work to into areas that are more original and conceptual.”

At the exhibition launch, Judith Balchin’s “Over the Teacups”, teacups embroidered over printed teabags and mounted on greeting cards, was judged best work. The work was assessed and awards made by Lisa Call, U.S. / NZ abstract contemporary textile painter. She is offering a workshop on 'Sketchbooking for artists' in the gallery on Wednesday 4 October.

Linda Inglis’s “Handiwork” exploring the use of hands in communication and Catherine Ashton’s “Twitter and Tweet” were also given awards. 

The exhibition is scheduled to finish on 22 October.


Issued by Mahara Gallery

Media contact: Janet Bayly, Director, phone 902 6242

Image: Judith Balchin, Lisa Call & Janet Bayly. Photo by Jack Penman.